this week I have been mostly thinking……

by Zoƫ on June 24, 2008

Little. Bit. Excited.

Loads of stuff is going on, as usual. Darby has been on the edge of tonsilitis all week, which means not being good at feeding, up all night rolling around and screaming, and snot. Nice. I attended a rather spiffy pattern making course intro on saturday morning, and will commence classes tomorrow(ish). This particular Italian style of pattern making involves 2 rulers, which are like the pattern maker’s calculator. You just take you measurments and use them to plot points with the rulers and in under 20mins or so you have a custom pattern!

Tomorrow I commence CBT for anxiety and other stuff, which I am looking forward to, but am also seriously nervous about. It feels like a new life/starting again and a bit exhausting and frightening. I’m hoping to get a seperate blog sorted later this week on love and clutter so I can keep it contained to the house and one blog.

Ok, bedtime. I need to sleep. Or be kept awake by squawking baby.


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