not in my patch of sunshine, sweetheart.

by Zoë on August 3, 2008

What a crazy week and weekend!
I’ve started my new pattern-making course, and it is great! Although I am supposed to be making up 7 toiles this evening, which won’t be happening, due to slippy disc in my back.
Today we dragged a car load of junk to the local markets to shift to some other hoarders. Books and fabric and some odds and ends. Luckily we were put next to a cake stall in a dappled sunny position, and lots of locals dropped in for a hello and chat, so it was a beautiful, relaxed late winter’s day.
Except for one amusing moment.

Leah and I were enjoying a coffee, and people watching as we are want to do. A young sharp lass with horn rimmed glasses and a funky frock burrowed through my wares and announced she’d be back after yum cha. As she wandered off, we commented on how nice she looked, how cheerful she came across, how fortunate some people were to be able to wear horn rimmed glasses and actually look cool.
We continued enjoying the sun, idle conversation, the funny clothes walking by.
The girl returned to buy 5m of red fabric and some embossed pin whale. Be in no doubt here, readers, she was in possession of a supreme bargain. “Cool! Enjoy your fabric!” I said cheerfully. “Thanks.” She said. “No worries!” I jovially threw back, as I often do. I sat down and resumed my conversation with Leah. Suddenly, Glasses Girl was behind my right shoulder. “Hey, you shouldn’t say that. The human brain is totally incapable of processing a positive negative. When you say it, the positive is wiped totally by the word worries and so the listener is filled with the fear of worry. You should try ‘my pleasure’ or ‘have a beautiful day’.”  I paused, unsure how to rebuff the lecture. “Hmmmm. I might try that at some point.” I replied, carefully non-committal. She arched a brow. “Try? No! Don’t try, just do!” Flipping her hair she humphed her way off into the afternoon.

Exercising my right to treppenwitz, here is my never to be delivered response to Glasses Girl.

“No, actually, No Worries is exactly what I meant to say. It is a pleasant and cheerful way of saying “You are welcome” or “hey, its ok!” in Australia. I’m a pleasant and cheerful Australian, and this is what I choose to say. I chose not to say the things you have forcefully recommended I say, as they don’t match my personal lexicon. It is not in my nature to speak that way. Perhaps, as part of your daily life, and indeed, in the general method in which you share your opinions with others, you could recall another great Australian saying, which I find particularly appropriate to share with you at this particular moment.  Bugger Off.”

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rhubarb 08.08.08 at 4:37 pm

Ha! Did you actually say that? How funny. Glasses girl needs a life.

Sarah B 08.11.08 at 6:25 pm

I really wish you’d said that to her…
Remember Christopher? He was terribly offended by any response to “Thanks” that he thought dismissed the value of his gratitude. Things like “no worries”, “no trouble”, “not a problem”… It’s really hard *not* to say those things, you know. 🙂

Ingrid 09.19.08 at 7:01 am

I´m a bugger off girl. I´m just too shy to say it, but it is the one in my mind. Love it when people shove you into their space stepping on your toes on the way!!!!! Love your flowers, though, by the way.

Claire Falkingham 01.17.09 at 9:08 am

No worries at all Zoe!

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