my life ate my life.

by The Other Zoë on May 10, 2009

I don’t seem to have much left anymore! I have too much!

TAFE is excellent, but I hate it too. I’m learning lots, I have some vaguely irritating tutors, but y skills are developing nicely. Unfortunately, since starting the course I have missed a few weeks due to surgery, complications requiring further surgery and then a hasty holiday followed by a sick baby who neede care at home.

I am almost 3 weeks behind. And by the time I get home from TAFE in the afternoons, cook dinner, get lunch stuff ready for the following day, its almost 8pm and I’m mentally toasted, which is not so good for the homework side of things, which is mountaining. Nor is it good for the housework side of things, also mountaining.

While off with a sick baby to care for I have tried to catch up on some of the written stuff, in between caring and cleaning. So really I have not had much chance to start and finish. And I’m so desperate to sew! Sew Desperate!!!!!
I have a list of things in my head, and also in my homework, that I need to work on, and I just can’t. It is driving me crazy. I’ve had to drop doing my once-monthly market stall for mousepocket cause I cannot commit to it now.

I have been considering putting tech on hold, but i’m almost halfway through the year (and certificate!) so it feels stupid, but I’m spread so thinly.

One great Other Thing has been a friend of mine announcing her wedding date (a measly 6 months and 3 days away!) and, like me 7 years ago, she has her ideal dress in mind and trouble finding it in stores. So we have a project! We have to source fabric (I love a textile challenge!) design the dress, have the pattern  and toille made (we could probably nut it out if we didn’t have children and we did have an extra year to keep fiddling with the fit), and then we may make it between us, or get a local lady to do it. Bridesmaids are sorted, and we also have to find fabric for flower girls (pastel pink silk with white polka dots).

This was all sparked because while away on my family holiday, I was given a few short hours in a  rather amazing fabric store, with a whole floor dedicated to buttons and millinery supplies.

*ernest nod*

uhuh. So, being the friend that I am, and knowing full well my Lady T had not even decided solidly to have a wedding this year, I sniffed around the vintage and antique millinery section. (this stuff can be hard to find, you take what you trip over!)
I discovered some seriously fab 1940’s silk velvet daisies, and some ecru millinery netting in mint condition, just thinking that they looked like Lady T (cheerful, out going, and with a certain something!)

I sent a text. “Have just found your little wedding veil supplies.” got a panicky response “Don’t go overboard! it might not happen!” sent back “If you don’t use them, I’ll make soemthing dinky for my own sweet curls.” never got a response.

I wondered if maybe I had jumped the gun, made her worry. They were not expensive, and I really would have used them myself.

On arriving home, a jittery Lady T came to catch up, and to tell me that I the 13 days since my text message she had booked a ceremony venue, paid for it, and was hot on the trail of reception venues, bands, cars and flowers.

Crikey! I love a good wedding, I love a good deadline! I’ve done a couple of cakes for people, lots of flowers, and tonnes of beading. Even invitation design. But not really a frock. I’m super excited to be a part of this one, especially during a time when I am already honing my design and pattern making capabilities. And its great working with brides who aren’t fussy, who have a broad vision and don’t mind a little creative pushing!

Oh yeah, and I turned 30! I love it, its really nice being here!trad jazz mother and daughter

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Claire Falkingham 05.11.09 at 1:50 pm

Lots happening, not sure I could manage your life with the clarity and dedication you do, and nice to finally have a post from you round here.

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