I almost made it!

by Zoë on July 23, 2008

Ah the good intentions of busy mothers! All geared up to sew this week, after a great weekend with the kids riding bikes and hanging out with mates at the park for 3 days.

Into the second week of our new “3 kids at childcare” regime (thus increased cost of living) , and all three are both ill with some flu I’m going to blame on the influx of Cafflik Yoovs into Sydney last week.
Poor Willow is running a fever of 39, bright red on her cheeks, coughing like a seal and sleeping on the lounge room floor. She has managed to have water, and of course, the Aussie cure-all of flat schweppes lemonade. We use that one for colds and post tummy bug, for which it is brilliant in combination with salted white rice.

Darby is covered in all kinds of fluid, coughing like an even sicker seal than the one mentioned above, and has spent all night clinging to me with arms as stiff as stiff.

Zephyr sounds like a seal.

Having children has increased my ability to diagnose many ailments, and with the assistance of 3 parenting books (which I own SOLELY for their sections on illness), the local hospital help line and my mother, I have avoided quite a few doctor trips. I also happen to be very good mates with a teacher at my kid’s centre, so if they display queer signs of impending doom, a quick call to her for a weekly roundup of ailments will often set me straight. But, more often than not, I am totally floored by the symptoms presented and I return to feeling like an idiot trying to keep a strangely ill tribe alive.

One of the worst ever was the period before Willow’s second xmas, she had been refusing to eat for several days, and seemed unwell with on and off fevers but nothing in particular. Then she began screaming with this strange throat thing. Turned out she had really bad tonsillitis, and this then sparked about 6 epiisodes of it in an 8 month period. She hasn’t had it for a while now, which is great! It’s a miserable thing to have, I’ve been told.
Zephyr began the 3rd month of his life with something which sounded like whooping cough, we were staying with extended family on a rather remote island off the south east coast of Tasmania. Zeph has been ok, but in the mid afternoon he suddenly became rather floppy and pale and strange so we went off to the regional nurse, who then held the island ferry for us so we could make the dash to Hobart hospital. Luckily it was bronchiolitis and he was ok, and since then he gets croup rather regularly, but I’m now quick to remove his clothes so the fever drops, sit him upright and keep the air in the room warm.
Last year, just after Darby was born, I contracted Scralet Fever, luckily escaping permanent damage to my internal organs, and also lucky it didn’t get transferred to Darby’s umbilivcal opeming. A few weeks late we travelled to Victoria for a conference at which I was supposed to be presenting a talk with a friend of mine on Young Parents. We decided to go and stay with this friend and his family for the week prior, in their wonderful modern eco house in the bush. Willow started having fevers around 40, and couldn’t stay awake, and then at night she was getting so hot she would vomit. Her face turned very red and then suddenly, a rash! Bugger, german measles we thought. Off to the local doctors we went. Nope, better than that, Slapped Cheek (5th Disease). I got it too, and the unfortunate thing for adults is that it can manifest in acute arthritis-type pain in the muscles. I thought I was going to die, it hurt so much and the fevers made me feel like I was freezing.

Not 6 weeks later the children all contracted chickenpox extremely badly, although the rash bit really is nowhere near as bad as the flu symptoms that come before it. We discovered the super neat and simple remebdy of rubbing tea tree moisturising cream all over their bodies, which TOTALLY stopped the itching and minimised scars. Forget all the other lotions and stinky baths, this cream was the only way to go!

poxy children....

poxy children....

Erk, now I’m starting to sneeze dreadfully.
If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know I have succumbed. Xanthe and Nikki, you’ll have to duel it out over the fabric.

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Penni 07.23.08 at 11:32 am

Sounds like they’ll have super immunity as adults (when really it’s no good to you at all). Poor little things.

I think Fred has adanoid issues or something – she snores like a truck going up a hill.

muser 07.23.08 at 1:29 pm

Hi! Haven’t been around these parts in eons but I rediscovered your blog thanks to six and a half stitches.
Dang! re all those illnesses. My youngest is nearly 14months now and he’s the unlucky one who gets all the chesty dramas. Croup, chest infections, tonsilitis, a persistent old-man style cough. The oldest never had these so I feel completely clueless and have been virtually living at the GP clinic.

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