Glad this kind of thing happens to other people as well….

by Zoë on August 26, 2008

For some time now, my good friend Nikki has been pregnant complaining of feeling snotty and nauseous. I recall that during her last pregnancy she also complained of these things. So last week, during a mid morning walk to a nearby suburb for coffee, sunshine, exercise and playgroup, we were discussing our various ailments. Me and Mine have been in the clutches of what has become affectionately known as “Catholic Flu”, as we all fell ill the week the orange back packs rocked into town. A hideous ailment involving fevers, sneezes, snooziness and then blocked sinuses, sore eyes and dreadful coughing. Amen.
Nikki’s mob have had similar, and while my daughter vomited during her round, it was down to her “delicate and precious digestive response to a basic respitory tract infection” rather than some dire Inner Westrian gastric bug. So the idea that Nikki was feeling spewy didn’t match with the illness that my kids had.
We discussed such pleasantries over decaf and real while Josh gagged on marshmallows cheerfully shoved too far un-chewed and Darby eyed up the waitresses from the comfort of his pram.

That night, I needed a question answering and knew Nikki might have the answer and I phoned.
Z: “Hi I have a question” (insert question).
N: “yep” (insert answer here) “and I’m pregnant”.
insert hysterics from me and nervous chuckle from Nikki
Z: “see! You are just the same kind of sick as you were with Josh! Tell me all the info and I’ll use my trusty calculater to work out how far in you are.”
Insert more hysterics from me and nervous noises from Nikki.
Z: “16 weeks Nik. Yer almost halfway through, bonus!”
There was more laughter, and more still after I hung up and told DishPig. Laughter at how the universe can throw such an amusing curved ball, laughter in relief that this kind of surprise happens to other people, not just us. Nikki had been fine with 2 kids but obviously it just wasn’t going to be that way!

Lucky Nikki, 4 months in, within 4 days of knowing she was pregnant she also knew the gender of the baby and somehow managed to secure a spot at our local birth centre for a VBAC.

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