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by Zoë on July 30, 2008

I am ill. The kids gave it to me and I am sick, although I no longer am of an age where illness means slobbing on the couch watching Bold and the Beautiful and being glad I’m not in Related Modern History. (US/CIS relations could not be any less relevant, but I digress).

I’m sick, and during the day that means being a mother of three children, the keeper of the house (stop laughing all of you) the shopper of the groceries, the  nagger of the Dish Pig, the chef, switchboard, PA, Events manager,  and the sewing creative genius behind a flailing kids wear label.

But at night, assuming the offsprung go sleepy bo-bos at a reasonable time, I get to watch sick-lady telly. We are financially (ruined) blessed by having satellite telly, which so broadens one’s ability to hunt, record and rewind shite from all over the globe.

This has been going on for almost a decade, and some more notable moments have included: The Village
old re-runs of Prisoner, various English comedy shows (including early live stand up appearances by the highly attractive Dylan Moran ) and the alarming Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic (often fondly referred to as The Shabby Shit Show).

I try to limit my reality-competition show watching, and have it narrowed now to the Aussie and US versions of Project Runway and Next Top Model, and if I have nothing serious I need to vomit over, its Sunset Tan and Real Housewives of the OC. Trinny and Suz and Gok are mainstays, but tonight is one of my new bestest ones.

Hauling House. I cannot currently find web presence for this production, but a brief rundown follows. American people buy a plot of land. They find a house, or one they already live in that they love but they’d prefer a new view. They pay some guys with trucks, cranes, diggers and engineering degrees, and then they hold up traffic/slide down hills/almost collapse county bridges/bump power lines and relocate
It is gripping stuff, and usually in a thick accent. Tonight there are some people with a nice stone built home, which is sliding down a hill. They are budging it a short distance to the other side of the hill, but they can’t get i the regular trucks due to the narrow roads.

They’ve started shifting it without packing their belongings. SURPRISE! The ceiling collapses. TV smashed.

Hello people, sticking your house on the back of some caterpillar treads will probably mean you lose the 20 foot stone  chimney. Anyways, while the sneezing continues its serves its purpose, and I get to heckle.

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