by Zoë on July 15, 2008

I’ve had sewer’s block for a while (read, someone who sews having issues, not something full of poo and badly clogged…).

I seem to go through phases, a little manic if you will. Its all about how much I’m arguing with the overlocker, what the quality of the sunlight is, if i have actually cleaned the sewing room recently, how many white tailed spiders have leapt out and eaten me alive. Sometimes its to make myself clothing, or that quilt that poor Emily has been waiting for for 2 years (I promise she’ll have it for her 3rd birthday!).

This week I’m working in colour, and really pushing the boundaries. I reckon I have a pretty good eye, and I cheerfully take risks with oft occurring pleasant outcomes. I do this with other things too. When renovating our old house for sale, I decided that instead of lifting a small courtyards worth of pebbles and reconditioning the soil for turf, it would be far cheaper and quicker to rip the weeds from the raised gardens beds on the perimeter of the space, and put the turf there. Garth rolled his eyes, did the measurements and faxed the plans through to the turf company who rang immediately to double check the back-to-fronted-ness of our request. Garth assured them (nervously) that it was as it was, and would be just that, next Tuesday thanks.

They came, shook their heads, totally appalled at my request, put down the turf and then we all sat down for a cup of tea, exclaiming what a brilliant idea it had been! It worked, looked great, and the men kept scratching their heads commenting that they had never done this before but how clever it was,OTUz

Later on down the track there was my choice of a fanta orange kitchen, which also looks fab, although we are now reconsidering the green tiles, which looked great with the original decorative ceiling which deteriorated beyond repair and has now been removed.

The green tiles, combined with the orange in a super square flat space now looks undeniably crap, so I’m off to hunt for new tiles tomorrow before we begin The Great Kitchen Paint Colour Argument (which I will probably win). At the moment I’m thinking a pale and elegant pink, harking to a tropical flower kind of feel. I’m sad the original plasterwork had to go. There was only a panel left, and we could have had it replicated, but we just don’t have the cash to give this house that level of loving right now 🙁     .

There was also the Choice of Colour For The Kid’s Room Argument, which began with a deep red, moved to a peacock green-blue, lightened to a pea green and then, following some deep discussion with these highly intelligent colourists

we settled on a vibrant blue, and with a little tweaking (who knew paint people could actually be that clever, narrowing it down to 75% mix being perfect for the light conditions?!) we ended up with a gorgeous bright blue that feels sunny and cheery and not unlike a Tiffany box.

So anyways, I’ve been sewing with colour this week, and getting some new mousepocket goods together for a client viewing next week. I’m really picly about the colours and patterns I mix together, and if it just ain’t working, I have to stop. Perhaps its a visual version of when you sniff too many perfumes and your nose stops registering. But then, one day, bingo! its all flowing together and everything looks like it was textile destiny.

Pictures of that stuff tomorrow!

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kris 07.16.08 at 12:50 pm

I remember reading in some column about the experience of lying awake, stewing over all the fabulous things I could make if only I could. That’s me. I have plans but the block is always bigger than the plans.

This ‘can do’ attitude you write about is very impressive.

Penni 07.21.08 at 10:19 am

The turf rocks.

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