by Zoƫ on January 31, 2008

After almost half a decade, I’m finally getting the hang of some of this motherhood organisational stuff. I’m now able to keep the cloth nappies washed and back where they need to be for bum changes, I’m able to put a loaf of bread on once a day (in the bread machine, I’m not totally bonkers), I’m even able to sqeeze a grocery shop in once a week.

If we don’t go anywhere or do anything with the children (of whom there are 3) then I can get all the clothes washed folded and stored, and vac and mop the floor.

As we are on the Failsafe Elimination Diet, I have to do my own stocks from scratch and a whole bunch of other slightly more complicated manouvers which require extra kitchen duties. I breastfeed my baby (that allows more time with him, and a bit ot sit down for me.)

Dish Pig the Uber Geek is a PC-renovating man, not so useful round the house and garden, and the bathroom is lucky to see the srubbing side of the sponge once a month. I’m managing to keep the car vaguely tidy and the baby got washed yesterday.

Is it possible to do the house, the kids, the cooking and actually do anything else with my life? I’ve been watching a show recently where the parents are both Little People, and they have 4 kids, one of whom is a Little Person requiring a lot of surgery. They live on a functioning farm, out of which they run agritourism events and also sell produce. The dad runs a step ladder business and the mum also teaches. I often think to myself how brave these people are for letting film crews into their home when it is so cluttered and crazy (not dirty, just cluttered and normal, I suppose).

The other night, while dismantling 2 bedrooms to prep for wall-painting activity, I realised that my home looks like theirs. I cannot keep it all under control and if I did, I’d be somehow kidding myself. Not to mention diddling my kids out of an involved mother.

Whilst I muse that yesterday I tidied the living room and calmed a wretched baby, I also managed to do an entire coat of paint in one bedroom. AND COOKED DINNER FROM SCRATCH. (which neither of the stinking pre-schoolers ate.) Thats not something to be sniffed at!

Today (before midday) I managed to prep 3 kids to go swimming, including Failsafe packed lunch, got everyone home with no tantrums, hung a load of washing out and put a second on. Ok, so we’ll be having rice milk and sugar for lunch, but given the fab morning tea they had (including 3 things they had never tried before!) I really don’t care.

At some point tonight I have to get Dish Pig to cut in around the ceiling and then I’ll do another coat of paint (bring on the Southerly change this arvo!) before family arrive on Saturday, but then I’ll have finished painting!

I’m gunna not sweat the small stuff for a bit. Plenty of tie to pick crap up off the floor. hehe, it might be so long the kids’ll figure out how to do it themselves…..and there is about as much chance of that as there is of Dish Pig turfing the backyard this weekend.

What have you gotten done this week?

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