whaddaya mean i’m awol?

by Zoƫ on January 12, 2009

I’m so here. I’ve always been here. Or at least I think I’ve always meant to here.

The mainest thing is that I am no longer there. On 1st October 2008, we packed belongings into trucks, swore a great deal at each other and sobbed with closest dearest friends as we drove away from the smog hole-under-flight-path of Marrickville, Sydney. (I even had the great joy of driving the pantek! It is a rare sight to see a woman driving a pantek, let alone a woman breastfeeding a baby in the cabin! I had several offers of marriage from Greek truckies along Botany Road…)

I’m certain I have left behind some cracking opportunities and a great school for the kids, not to mention my delicious orange kitchen and developing rose garden (and the glorious bedroom I had just painted….). I have also left behind a glorious collection of ladies, whom I now refer to as my Marrickvillians. Leah, Nikki, Ellen, Angela, Sarah and Ally. You are all so desperately missed. Your laughter, your stories, your children, your houses, your love, your support and even your husbands. Lucky for me it is a phone call or a 2hr drive to be with you again. I am superglad I have not moved interstate. And it is doublelucky I have relocated to such a nice town with nice beaches, so nice for visiting!

It is taking a while to established in Novacastria, and while involvement in the local Artisan’s market is helping me scrounge together some likely suspects, I had forgotten the probability of it taking years to establish a local network, just like it did after having my first baby. And I’m not so good with online communities, they feel too unreal and imaginary when you are looking for someone to go for a play or coffee with.

on the hill

on the hill

But the lighter debt load and lifestyle shift have made it worthwhile, we have a great rental, with great agent and lovely tolerant landlord, we have found a super affordable solid Californian bungalow down the road with a huge block of north-facing yard, and we have befriended a very sensible, capable architect who shares my love of the modernist aesthetic and interest in practical eco dwelling. We will be dragging Kieran The Punk Landscape Designer/Gardener to come and use us as portfolio material. It is in the same suburb we are renting in, so even when we finish work and move, we will still be a 5 minute walk from the little local school Willow starts at in 2 weeks.

down the hill and round the corner

down the hill and round the corner

We beach as often as possible, and while owning a sandy car is highly irritating, the smell of salt and the sea breeze being only 3 minutes drive away is worth the cleaning.

I have a fab studio space in the rental house. Very full of natural light, although I would recommend the installation of insulation and perhaps NOT putting a ceiling fan in at 6′ elevation (I keep wacking it with bolts of fabric.) I’m sewing as much as possible, and even doing some things for me. I’ve recently had great success with a boat necked tshirt pattern, and will post pics as soon as DishPig does whatever he needs to do with the camera.

So yeah, merry thingo and happy whatsy, and we’ll see what business the NY brings us, school, TAFE, preschool, renovations, markets, shops, galleries and possible surgery for me.

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Claire Falkingham 01.12.09 at 5:27 pm

Wadda ya know, it’s Zoe, and you’ve had another baby! WOW, good to reconnect again, but why when you’ve just moved I don’t know! So glad you blog though, and facebook? I’ll look you up!

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