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by Zoë on January 22, 2009

One week today, my eldest child and only daughter begins primary school. It is a strange time, full of eager anticipation (all of us), excitement (be-will-derbeast), relief (me, until holidays) and fear (also me, see below).

from the beginning

from the very beginning she let us know when she needed stuff

You see, the be-will-derbeast is a headstrong creature, fast moving and fairly fearless. She sings, recites, dances and draws. She sits. On everything. Every 30 seconds. Like DishPig, she has particular ideas about particular things and outside of those thoughts she (and he) probably won’t hear you speak. I’m frightened how the school system will cope with her. I’m worried about how she will cope with the system. I don’t want her to lose her, although she will always be what and who she is, but it would be nice for her energy to be harnessed somehow. (maybe clean fuel for our electricity grid?)

Anyways, I’ve ironed the blue and white check tunic (peter pan collar, double blue ribbon in the centre), her sky blue polo shirts, and even pressed the box pleats into the navy blue culottes (size 4, so tiny!). We have possibly too many white socks, comfy black leather mary janes, a paint smock, backpack (bigget than A4 folder, thanks!), fruit bag sewn and lunch box tested for open-ability. I am soaking the once-white dunlop volleys in a bucket with chemicals, but I’m not liking our chances on them looking new again.

We even have super-smart hair elastics with satin navy blue bows stitched on, perfect for little red-haired plaits!

Not only is Be-will-derbeast off and schooling, but Blondie is commencing 3 days a week pre-school (he starts primary school next year!!!) and I’m hoping Deefer gets into the same place around June, when he will be 2. 2? bloody hell!

I am supposed to be commencing a TAFE course in 2 weeks, so that is 3-4 days of study, plus my homework, plus kindy homework, plus making 3 rounds of lunches most days, plus shipping kids off to various places for school/care (luckily most are on the way to tafe, which also happens to be down the end of our street, think global, live local!), I’m going to ave to shift from being a super-procrastinator 3000, to being a little bit organised. This will be a challenge (nikki and xanthe, stop laughing!)And I haven’t even included the washing, market, groceries and probably P&C involvement in that. (although I’m gunna push for DishPig to do canteen roster, I think that would be fab!)

It is making my head spin.

Any lunch box ideas people?

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James 01.23.09 at 12:45 am

I know you guys aren’t vegans but:

That woman has some cool design ideas for lunch box food. Check her Halloween offering out.

Madeline 01.23.09 at 6:41 pm

I found this the other day:
I want to be her kid.

Claire Falkingham 01.24.09 at 6:27 pm

I’m going to make spinach and fetta muffins for monring tea, I’ll email you the recipe.

Aprill 01.25.09 at 8:16 am

I’m all about making things in advance these days. Home made pizza slices that can be eaten cold, individual pasta bake serves cooked in muffin tins, roasted chicken legs, savoury muffins. Then there’s the bite-size snack lunches – cheese cubes, olives, cherry toms, carrot sticks. Good luck. I’ve got this same drama to deal with.

Catharine 01.28.09 at 10:11 pm

We have recently found happiness with tiger sambos. Very simple, grated carrot and vegemite between bread and cut into strips, my size 3 (soon to be 4) loves them. Also very pleased with grated carrot, pesto and prosciutto sambos.
Btw über love our 3 new MP flower headbands that we picked up from the magic roundabout today.

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