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by Zoƫ on February 2, 2009

I really don’t like the term “holding back” when it comes to kids and kindy. I think its quite negative, and a bit blameful. We said we thought W could do with another year of running about before having to sit still and colour inside the lines. And 3 days in we are pretty glad we did, cause it has worked nicely for her.

Day 1 of kindy she was up ridiculously early, dressed and pretty much sitting on the front porch waiting to go by 7am.

Mum and my niece came for the drop off walk around the corner, which only takes 2 minutes, and we still were not supposed to arrive till 10:30, but we went early. She bolted into the classroom and I had to haul her out and head off to the office to get a hat (the first one shrank in the wash). We hung her bag on her very own hook (“Rox-en-burgh?! Did they even read the enrollment form?”) and she entered her classroom to chorus of cheering from the teachers, she was the first girl to arrive. (her year has 19 boys and 6 girls.) She pretty much buggered off and if I had loitered she might even have told me to go away. Her classroom is beautiful, built like an old church with arched doorway and vaulted ceilings which let in so much natural light and air. The kindy kids have their own loo and a really great buddy program which involves loads of assistance from the senior kids to help them feel included and settled and welcome.

Without a tear or a whimper from any of us, I rushed off for Tech orientation and Garth and the boys went to kindy morning tea where he signed up for canteen roster (good man!). We picked her up at 2pm, it was like she had been going to school for 10 years!

Today was day three, and although I was almost half an hour late picking her up, and worried that being so would make her worried and not want to go tomorrow, she was glad because it meant she had the teacher cornered for one-on-one chit chat till I arrived. As I was loading her into the car out the front of the school, the 5/6 kids wandered back to their classroom, and there was much calling and cheering for W “see ya! byeeee, have a good arvo willow! see ya tomorrow!”.

So I felt really happy about our choice of tiny inner-city school that is just round the corner. I feel comfortable with the start she has had, I feel confident in the little community we have moved into. So yeah! Here’s to the beginning of 13 or so years of education!

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Claire Falkingham 02.03.09 at 11:43 am

Very pleased to hear that Zoe, she looks sooooo gorgeous in her little uniform! Don’t tell me that’s your mum in the pink skirt – she’s too young??!!

When we arrived at the office, we had a similar ‘didn’t you read the enrolment’ episode, the woman called her ‘Craig Parker’ (Craig being her surname) and then poceeded to say ‘oh no I told myslef I wouln’t do that!!’ I really wanted to say ‘but self forgot?’ but just laughed it off, it will happen!

Ashlee 02.27.09 at 7:49 pm

Hey! Its Ashlee! Love your blog the photos are so cute! I love the one of the girls in the tree!

Ash xo

p.s My Mum liked your blog too she was reading it hehe

Ashlee 03.05.09 at 9:08 pm

Hey I missed a couple of days I haven’t been well. The days I was there we did mostly practical and our presentations are due Monday. Whats your email address so I can email you the sags?
Hope you getting better *hugs* Everyone is worrying about you!
Ashlee xo

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